About me

Welcome and nice that you want to read more about me! I would also like to get to know you so feel free to contact me.

My name is Irene Pijnse van der Aa. I am an experienced, certified category 1 mindfulness and compassion trainer and meet the criteria set for reimbursement by health insurers and employers. I provide trainings and workshops for individuals as well as organisations (multinationals, insurers, educational institutions and not-for-profit organisations).

By giving trainings for Heartful Moments I follow my heart and share my love for mindfulness. I have held executive positions in education and a social enterprise. In addition, I have more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and coach in basic, secondary and adult education.

In addition to my passion for mindfulness, I love a healthy life on and at the sea. I enjoy surfing, diving, swimming and sailing with my three sons. Are you curious what I can do for you or your organization? I’d like to hear!

Mindful greetings,
Irene Pijnse van der Aa
Heartful Moments

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  • Mountain meditation
    Mountain meditation
  • Breathing meditation
    Breathing meditation
  • MIndful yoga lying down
    MIndful yoga lying down
  • Breathing space
    Breathing space
  • Mindful yoga standing
    Mindful yoga standing
  • Walking meditation
    Walking meditation
  • Sitting mediation
    Sitting mediation
  • Sitting with a difficulty
    Sitting with a difficulty
  • Bodyscan
Heartful Moments
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