Mindfulness for Health Training 

This simple 8-week mindfulness and compassion course gives you the tools and skills to live well with your chronic pain or health condition.
The Mindfulness Based Pain Management training teaches you to manage chronic pain, illness, fatigue and health problems differently with simple exercises. It helps you manage energy levels better, relate to pain differently and improve your quality of life. 
The clinically proven program has already helped more than tens of thousands of people around the world cope with chronic pain and illness.

The training consists of 8 sessions of 2 hours.

Week 1

The Breathing body

Week 2

Dwelling in the body

Week 3

Moving & living

Week 4

Acceptance and self-compassion

Week 5

The treasure of pleasure

Week 6

Finding equanimity

Week 7

Turning outwards & balanced effort

Week 8

The journey continues

Dates in 2024

Wednesday from 9:00 till 11:00


The online Mindfulness for Health  Training costs EUR 455,- and consists an intake interview, 8 online meetings.

Course content

  • Mindful awareness meditations. Tailored to effectively managing pain and ill health.

  • Daily life exercises and trategies, including pacing, for improved quality of life.
  • Gentle mindful movements to increase mobility and confidence in movement.
  • Wide ranging toolkit of skills and practices for ongoing use.
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