Mindful Parenting

Does your busy life keep you from being with your children with a peaceful mind? Do you feel more like a manager than a parent? Do you want to raise your children with more attention? Then take a moment and follow the training Mindful Parenting. This is a training for all moments in parenting with effect for the whole family.

The training consists of 10 meetings

We will start with an intake

Week 1 

Emotion regulation

Week 2 


Week 3

Paterns en yearning

Week 4

Embodying Compassion

Week 5

Giving and receiving

Week 6 

Cultivating happiness

Week 7

Wisdom &  Compassion 

Week 8

Living from the heart

Refresh session after 8 weeks

During the training Mindful Parenting, you learn as a parent to apply mindfulness skills to yourself and to the way you raise your children. The Mindful Parenting training teaches you to apply mindfulness to daily (family) activities and parenting. 

The training consists of 9 meetings of 8 x 2,5 hours and an intake of 45 minutes. You will receive audio files with mindfulness exercises and the workbook Mindful Parenting of Prof. Dr. Susan M. Bogels and Dr. Kathleen Restifo. 

Research shows that the Mindful Parenting training, which has been developed by the University of Amsterdam, improves the quality of parenting, as well as the interaction between parents and child and reduces parenting stress. The training is suitable for both parents with mindfulness experience and parents who are not familiar with it. For experienced participants the training offers depth and space for refreshment. For beginners, the training is a full introduction to mindfulness. During an introductory meeting, we will examine whether the 9-week training meets your needs and expectations.

"Mindful Parenting means that you keep realizing what is really important in our daily lives with our children. J. Kabat-Zinn

Mindful Parenting helps you to:

Be mindful & aware of automatic reactions
React differently & less reactively to difficult moments and behaviours
Recognize limits and guard them
Take better care of yourself
Tolerate difficult emotions in yourself and your child
Accept yourself and your child
Recognize patterns
Resolve conflicts with your child better
Develop a stronger bond with your child
Fully experience both the fun and difficult parts of parenting
'Be' with your child instead of 'do'.

Group training

The meetings last 2,5 hours and the group consists of a maximum of 12 participants. 

Individual mindfulness training

Would you rather not follow the 8-week mindfulness training in a group or would you like to continue with a coaching programme after the training? Ask about the individual possibilities. The individual mindfulness training is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme. The programme consists of 8 meetings of 75 minutes. and costs EUR 950,- ex. VAT if reimbursed by the employer or incl. VAT if you pay for it yourself.

Data  2024

  • Wednesday  
  • 21 June


  • EUR 450


What is included
  • Intake
  • Grouptraining 19:15 - 21:45 uur
  • Location CJG Leiden
  • Audio, notebook & meditaions
  • after Refresh session 8 weeks
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