Mindfulness for organisations 

National or international training courses, individual or in groups, on location or online, in English or in Dutch

More and more organisations recognise the importance of mindfulness and organise workshops, weekly moments and seminars to introduce their managers and employees to mindfulness. The more advanced also offer employees 8-week MBSR trainings to their staff (either in house or online) thus creating a sustainable mindfulness culture within their organisation.  

 In company

The 8-weeks Mindful at Work training, based on basic mindfulness training (MBSR), reduces the risk of burnout and focusses on how to incorporate mindfulness into work. The primary is to effect a change in attitude in dealing with stress, pressure, attention, focus, communication and creativity into work. 


Many companies make mindfulness part of their learning modules. For instance, in the form of workshops on Learning Fridays or Health days. The workshops, which are usually tailor-made, offer an entertaining balance between exercise and education.


Mindful coaching helps employees to find the right perspective, both at home and at work and learns them to be creative and collaborative.


Let’s discuss what suits you (or your organisation) best.

Good to know that I am a certified trainer (category 1). This means that I am bound to permanent education and that many health insurers (depending on the policy conditions) will reimburse the MBSR training. I am affiliated with the professional association VMBN.

It is my mission to make mindfulness a sustainable part of organisations and to contribute to more vitality, resilience and sustainable employability. With my expertise in the field of MBSR trainings I deliver custom work.

Students and clients describe me as passionate, clear, calm, decisive and down to earth.

If desired, Heartful Moments can expand the team of trainers with certified mindfulness trainers (through the Leiden mindfulness collective).

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