Mindfulness for individuals

Individual or in groups, on location or online, in English or in Dutch often reimbursed by the employer and health insurer

Mindfulness is basically a training in attention. The primary aim is to effect a change in attitude in dealing with stress, pressure, attention, focus, while improving your communication skills and creativity. Mindfulness increases your awareness. You learn to be present in the moment, purposefully and in a non-judgmental way. With mindfulness you consciously observe the moments in your life. By opening up, you will see things as they are. This helps you to respond to pressure, thoughts or feelings and make informed decisions. 

Mindfulness makes it is easier to relax, concentrate and take some distance. It is primarily about working on a different attitude. How do you deal with changing circumstances, stress and work pressure? How do you get more attention and focus for the things that are really important?

MBSR training

Learn to deal with stress and discomfort

With the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or Mindful at Work (MBSR) training you learn in 8 weeks to deal differently with stress, worry, pain and discomfort. You learn to meditate, discover inner peace and headspace. This helps you to take better care of yourself, to be more balanced and to live with a fresh look and to enjoy the moment.

Mindfulness isn't a trick you can learn in a few hours. It is a posture that you can master in 8 weeks and that continues to expand and deepen over time. It is similar to surfing. You learn by trial and error and while doing so you develop and gradually expand your skills. Through continuous training you will master your board under all circumstances.

Mindful at Work

The 8-weeks Mindful at Work training starts November de 2nd and is based on the scientifically proven MBSR training. It helps you to deal more effectively and healthier with stress, work pressure and changes. It opens the way to more focus, balance and creativity. 
You will learn to be present in the moment, with full attention. It helps you to recognize patterns around stress, uncertainty and discomfort and teaches you how to respond consciously.


In our changing times and demanding society, it sometimes becomes too much, with absenteeism or less optimal functioning as a result. Mindfulness coaching helps you to be more resilient, in your work and private life. 

You will be more relaxed and less rushed.  Mindfulness helps you to find the right perspective, be more creative and collaborative with others.

Compassion Training

Learn to live with your heart, be kind to yourself, experience more connection with others and your surroundings. Be less afraid of making mistakes. This is what the compassion training is all about. This follow up training will deepen the effect of mindfulness with heartfulness. You can start March the 7th with your compassioned based mindful life 

Mindful parenting

Being a parent can be challenging. 
The hustle and bustle of every day and the changing working conditions, make it hard to be with our children with full attention and inner peace. At times you feel more like a manager than a parent. 
 9-week Mindful Parenting training you will learn to apply mindfulness in your life, work and family activities.
Start in March.

Mindfulness Collective

By joining forces with my colleagues Eveline Brandt, Yvonne Rietkerk,  Marleen Abrahamse  we can offer a broad and flexible package of  training. 
All of us have extensive experience in giving mindfulness and follow-up training. We meet all criteria. And more importantly: 
all of us are trainers with full conviction, heart and soul!

Mindful Moments

This monthly online appointment with yourself will help you to be mindful even in the hustle of everyday life and ever changing world around us.
You can follow the session from your office, at work or at home.
Even if you haven't done mindfulness for a long time, you can always start over and everything will come back.

Free introductory meeting

Let’s discuss what suits you (or your organisation) best. In an intake interview we can explore which training is appropriate at this moment in your life. 

All training can be offered online, face to face, in English or in Dutch. The MBSR, Mindful at Work, Mindful Parenting trainings and individual coaching are often reimbursed by the employer and health insurer. Do you want to know more or do you have questions?

Feel free to call or request a free of charge non-binding introductory meeting.

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