Wil je graag meer leren leven vanuit je hart, vriendelijker leren omgaan met jezelf, meer verbondenheid ervaren en minder bang zijn om fouten te maken? 

Tijdens de vervolgtraining leer je waardevolle oefeningen om compassie verder te ontwikkelen en de werking van mindfulness te verdiepen met heartfulness.
Dit zal je helpen om meer levensgeluk te ervaren, gezonder met jezelf en anderen om te gaan en meer te leven vanuit je hart. 

De training bestaat uit 9 bijeenkomsten van 2,5 uur. Je ontvangt het werkboek Compassie in je leven van Frits Koster en Erik van den Brink.

Step 1 - Intake

We always get to know you first. We learn to know where your needs and whether our mindfulness training matches this moment in your life.       

Step 2 - Training

You need to train mindful working (at home). In 8 weeks we teach you how to find the balance, to be more productive and to enjoy more.

Step 3 - Follow-up

You receive a certificate following completion. Furthermore we offer coaching and follow-up training, to those who want to learn more


When? Thursdays
  • Thursday 25 March
  • Thursday 1, 8, 15, 22, 28 April
  • Thursday 6, 13 May


  • Private: EUR 450 incl. VAT
  • Employers: EUR 550 excl. VAT


What is included?
  • 8 English Mindful at Work (from home) session
  • from 8.00 till 10.00 hours
  • An mail with homepratice following each session
  • Audio, workbook & certificate

Week 1

Fresh view
We learn how mindfulness brings creativity, balance, happiness and effectiveness. We get insight in our routines and patterns. We also train attention.

Week 2 

Looking at reactions
We get more in touch with the wisdom of the body. We learn to consciously look at our automatic reactions during pleasant and unpleasant events.

Week 3

We pay attention to the mental and physical boundaries. We learn to switch from being busy to actually being present in the present moment.

Week 4

We observe our stress mechanisms. With minfulness we learn to break through the stress spiral and develop resilience. We practice meditating.

Week 5

 We are introduced to the art of stopping. We observe the space that arises, practice how to respond and learn to make healthy choices.

Week 6 

We learn to observe our thoughts and worries with some distance. This allows us to consciously choose  if we wish to follow a thought or leave it as is. 

Week 7

We work with our energizers & drainers. We develop balance, solidity and good self-care. We  learn to listen and communicate in a mindful way.

Week 8

 Living Mindfully
“It's important to remember what's important,” one teacher once said. This training is only successful if you know how to move mindfully forward.
Heartful Moments
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